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PQ01 The cigarette lighter Car charger Instructions

一.Product introduction

1. Car charger PQ01 It is a model Support a variety of fast filling protocols And double USB output High efficiency synchronization A step-down transform chip.

2. This product uses high integrated chips,Make the product performance more stable.

3. chip contains a variety of fast charge protocols and the corresponding management logic.

4. Built-in input overvoltage protection,Inputting under voltage protection,Output over current protection,Output short circuit protection,Overtemperature protection etc Multiple protection functions.


  This product has 2 USB interface outputs:The USB interface with a fast charging sign has a fast charging function.The common USB interface is 5V2.4A(MAXCharging function.2 USB When the interface is charged at the same time, Fast charging function because of chip protection,,Turn to ordinary charging.

三. Product specifications and characteristics

1. The output current is up to :5A

2. Input voltage range:12~24V

3. Support CC/CV mode

4. Support line loss compensation

5. Support Spread spectrum

6QC A port Priority mode

7. Support QC2.0/QC3.0

8. Support PE+• BC1.2 module

9. Support BC1.2 DCP module

10.Support apple / Samsung large current charging pattern recognition

11. Double USB port output

12.Working temperature:-20~70

NO4 strip :line loss compensation means:

(IF In fast charging,The quality of the USB wire used is a little worse.The inner chip will automatically make a voltage compensation for the loss of wire wire.The function of fast charging)

NO5 strip:Spread spectrum means:

(Use PFM/PWM Automatic switching mode,Light load time Work in PFM Pattern,Medium and heavy load,Work in PWM Pattern.)

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