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Car Usb


Car USB  DONGLE specification


Car play and Android Auto)  

Functional description:

The CPU:700MHz processor, internal memory:256MB DDR3 , FLASH : 16MB SPI

*The Linux operating system

*compatible whit More than    Android 4.4 version  car Android navigator

*Support Iphone5 (iOS9 system) later version of the apple Mobile and the Android5.0 later  version of the Android Mobile

*Support CARPLAY and CARLIF ANDROID AUTO system, and can be used after closing the screen

*no need to refit the car ,  connect to the USB interface can use.

*Support touch screen control function and voice control function, (if Android navigator has voice function need to be shut down)

*Support English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and other languages

*Support key learning, can set the left-hand drive or right-hand

*The input voltage: 5V+_0.1V, electric current is more than 1A


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